Girls do a lot of funny stuff to one another that boys might find strange. They strip naked. They openly fondle other girls’ boobs. They openly caress other girls’ asses. They talk that talk to themselves, often in a way that would make a black man grow purple. Research even suggests that women are either lesbian or bisexual, never straight. So, what is it? Is there a lesbian somewhere in there? Or is this just everyday girling? The Gang weighs in.











No, I don’t believe all girls are closet lesbians as I’m not a closet lesbian since I don’t even have a closet and in the event that I did, I won’t still be a lesbian. LOL. I must admit, though, that I find the female form very intriguing and I marvel at the power we have over our less powerful male counterparts. That said, the penis still remains my favourite and eighth wonder of the world. In conclusion, lesbianism as a generalized way of life for girls, either hidden or public, is entirely presumptuous and untrue.

Hell no!!!
We like men, please. Yes, girls are so pretty, and caring, and soft, and have such interesting bodies, and know what you want… *ahem* But we like men. Experimenting is all very well and good, thank you very much, but I’d quite frankly love me some sausage to go with my donut when all’s said and done.

Well, it’s impossible to answer this from every girl’s point of view and I’m not even sure I know what a closet lesbian really really acts or looks like, not that it’s carried around like a placard. So, I took to Google of course and stumbled on a website where they stated three signs for a man to know he’s dating a closet lesbian:
· She has a possessive best friend
· She gets physical with her female friends
· She’d rather do anything else than sleep with you

Looool. Wtf?? I’d like to think this was written by a man because it’s just stupid and inaccurate. Sex isn’t Ribena neither is it a hilarious pee in your pants movie and many other things I can’t get into now before I begin to doubt my own sexuality. But you get the point I’m trying to make. Getting physical with a girl is just safer, every girl knows this. I don’t need to end up with broken bones just because one guy is doing ‘hulk hogan’ to show me who’s boss. I remember when my family friend twisted my arm just because I punched him.

The first point is the only one I can relate to. Why would a girl be possessive of her friend? It’s weird.

Girls generally can comfortably call a girl pretty or sexy.. that comes with us being girls but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re lesbians. All girls are NOT closet lesbians.

A lot of girls admit to having lesbian fantasies, much more than guys admit to having gay fantasies. I haven’t conducted an in-depth research or anything, but a lot of girls I’ve spoken say they do have lesbian fantasies. I mean, what’s not to like? Women are soft and cuddly and fleshy with mountains and valleys and curves in between. But does this mean all girls are closet lesbians? I think not. While, unlike guys, girls don’t cringe at physical contact with one another, it may mean that they’re less homophobic, but this by any means doesn’t mean all girls want to hit the sheets with another girl.

Girls generally hug, peck and kiss each other without restraint and nobody sees anything wrong with it. It is also not uncommon for a girl to grab and playfully squeeze each other’s lady parts, it’s a regular occurrence. And as you know, na from clap e dey enter dance, so these ‘rough plays’ can very easily lead to experimentation for very curious girls, given the right circumstances.

So, while I think a lot of girls have no aversion to sharing a bed with their friend, while half naked at that, and they might not have a problem with a fellow girl palming their boobs, not all girls are closet lesbians. I mean, some people can die on top man, as per Ruth. The point remains that we’re very tolerant of activities that are two steps away from full blown lesbianism, even though not all of us want to engage in girl on girl action.

There is this attraction guys have for girls that like girls. It’s beautiful. Compared to guys & guys. Ewwwww (no disrespect to anybody)… And the way females (even though not gay) touch each other is all that’s needed to know all females are closet lesbians. You don’t see niggas grabbing each other’s balls or ass. You don’t see niggas pecking each other. So yeah, females are closet lesbians.

In my opinion, no. Yes some of them may experiment and discover they like pum more than preek, a few may be able to handle both preek and pum with equal dexterity and no discrimination, but most girls love the D way too much to even consider lesbianism.

No, all girls are not closet lesbians. They get away with the fact that they can talk about their bodies in ways that men wouldn’t dare try but all girls aren’t closet lesbians.

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