Men are often painted as raging sexual beasts, which, well, may be neither here nor there. But the origin of this Picasso (painting; Picasso; geddit?) may stem from males’ “strong” reaction (from head-turning to embarrassing erections) to females. But if boys always react “strongly” to females, is it that boys only see them as sexual beings?









I like my vaginas attached to their owners, as I’m guessing the free floating types won’t have any warmth or personality. Of course, a girl is a human being, and she isn’t only about the VJJ. Boobs, ass, hands and mouth are other interesting attachments that come with the package, and then there’s her mind too. Can’t go to the Cinema or a party with a fleshlight now, abi?


When I see a female, I see a human being that’s very crazy, with a vagina. That’s all


Quite frankly, I’ve had a lot of male friends who explained to me that the first thing they see when they meet women is the mental image of her in some kind of sexual situation. While I don’t believe that’s all a woman should be, I have made my peace with that.


I like to think I’m a well-adjusted person so I’m not familiar with the phenomenon of seeing body parts in place of a person. But I would reckon that this is not too far placed in the sexist world we live in. I mean not too long ago, women had absolutely no say over their life choices and even nowadays are still viewed as nothing more than the totality of their baby making parts.

When I see a girl, I see a human being with feelings, hopes, dreams, skills, family, moods, beliefs, willpower, addictions, weaknesses abbl. You get the point.


I don’t know. I don’t know. Is the girl naked? Is her vagina on her forehead? I’m somewhat confused at the question. I understand the power of sex appeal and the reactions some of my very appealing female friends can arouse from a male but that still don’t explain seeing them as a vagina rather than a human being first. Does the vagina stand alone? I hear and know that it comes attached to the female human species. I suppose my final answer is a human being unless she has a fish tail instead of legs then mermaid, definitely mermaid.


I see a human being first. My mind doesn’t even go that far to think about seeing a vagina. All I see is a human being honestly.

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