Crazy, right? But there was this (linkless) story about a girl who once told a boy she didn’t feel like a woman because he did not orgasm at sex. So might the situation have been saved had the boy faked those familiar convulsions? Is it even possible? And lastly, some have tried to distinguish orgasming from ejaculation. What sorcery is all this?











HELL NO!!!!!! The way I understand the male body is structured and wired (if I can put it that way), I strongly doubt it. No faking anywhere.


There is a general (mis)conception that only ladies fake orgasm and that when it comes to men, so long as there is an erection and some shuddering during sex, they orgasmed. But who says they aren’t faking?

With reference to a Guardian article on Why men fake orgasm, Nichi Hodgson quotes a Kansas study stating that the primary reason men fake orgasm is to avoid upsetting the person with whom they are having sex. That is, to preserve the partner’s feeling of worth in the relationship.

Men like to pride themselves on their social and other prowesses where they come out on top- all pun intended. Now imagine a man after a hard day’s work and the stress of the day, has his woman wanting sex. Saying he is tired is usually a no-no as the woman will (mis)interpret it as lack of interest in her or the presence of another woman. In this case, the man will choose the lesser of two evils- getting it up, faking it and getting it over with.

Truthfully, I haven’t been with many men but I remember one instance where I kept saying in my mind, “will this guy ever ejaculate?”, that was almost an hour of going at it. In such instances, a man noticing his partner’s exhaustion or frustration could fake cumming to please her. But the question is: is cumming the same thing as an orgasm?



I recently read that they can. I’m not convinced when it comes to the logistics of it all, though.


LMAOOOOOOOOOOO! tbh, I don’t think guys care that much about orgasms! Once it’s done, it’s done. We only care about the knacks. Is it good or is it terrible?… Is she a badass or a dead ass? That’s all we care about… I think.


As funny as this may seem, YES!!!! Men do fake orgasms! What’s funnier is that some men don’t know it’s possible.
I have heard it’s easier than having a real orgasm (obviously!) and even more with a condom on as the girl may not detect.
They usually do it when bored or exhausted during sex. Sometimes, the girl is just trying too hard to show her skills and he’s just lying there like ‘?? gotta call time out!’ OR the sex is just downright horrible.
Ultimately, men and women fake orgasms for the same reasons.


Men usually don’t have to. Under normal circumstances; cumming is like second nature to us and most of the time, the struggle is NOT to be a noodle when the pum sweet so. Still, some delicate circumstances require that one moans and groans like an epileptic before time as a means of escape. I remember one time like that when I got with a stanky chick. Lord!!! I had to feign an early nut just to get out of her arms before the ooze killed me. It was a very traumatic something I tell you, very traumatic.


Just thinking about it is pretty funny. Trying to picture a scene with the guy faking orgasm but I can’t. It just seems unreal. He has to release sperm one way or another now. So, once he does that what exactly is he faking? It’s one thing to fake enjoying sex and I for one think guys are terrible at that. You’re the one riding someone, for a lack of a better word. Therefore you’re having possibly more fun than the girl.

Just to be sure my opinion was right, I asked friends, guys of course. A friend and his uncle were at a bar and his uncle pays a girl to give him a blowjob under the table and while all the action was happening under the table, uncle was trying to form composure while making funny facial expressions till he couldn’t hold it any longer and fell off the chair while having an orgasm. That must have been one epic blowjob or the uncle’s control level is broken. Fall off a chair? I mean.

I just feel it would really be unfair if guys could fake orgasms, then what have girls got? Nothing! There’s no way you’ll also share our ability to fake orgasms with us.

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