Like duh, right? Well, if there’s anything we’ve learnt about this world, it’s that duh is a dangerous word. So, in lieu of assuming, how appealing is someone who’s several leagues out of your league to you?










Dating a rich girl is no problem, except you’re a Yoruba demon and you break her heart, causing her so much pain that her doting father/family is forced into taking brutal action as retaliation for your evil deeds. I’ve seen guys become short-term prisoners in rich men’s compounds just because they messed with the wrong rich girl.

For me, I always advocate that people stay within their social/economic class when they date. No drag meat wey pass your power make your teeth no pull. Your experiences and expectations are much closer when you aren’t that far from each other on the social scale. At least you won’t go bankrupt from trying to keep up with her ‘lofty’ standards.

Imagine if you earn 80k and she doesn’t see anything wrong in spending it all in one night just because her parents give her a monthly allowance of 300k.


Yes, I would definitely date a girl richer than me. But then again, it depends on the kind of person she is… If she’s someone that won’t make me go broke because I want to impress her or if she’s someone that won’t be misbehaving because I can’t afford the things her other ‘toasters’ can.


From experience, I know that this could be awkward. There will definitely be times when you feel like you have to put in extra effort to prove you’re not in it for the money. Plus, there’s the discomfort of being around his friends who seem really casual about spending money you and your squad would do a few months contribution for.

Also, you’d have to have super healthy confidence to hang around his family and not feel like what the cat dragged in. But all in all, if the love is real, it’s always a beautiful thing, fuck everything else


Far richer? How ‘far richer’ please? Let us confirm. Lol. Honestly, I am a believer in respecting your status and also aiming to achieve more. It depends, though. If her status as a result of her being rich is waaaaay up there, like really waaaay up there? Ehm…I am not sure I would.


*singing* Who born monkey wey no like banana? Okay jest apart, lets’s take a walk into the world of Disney and its many stories around Damsels in distress. From Cinderella to Beauty and the Beast, to Snow White and a quick flash to Aladdin, we find one underlying message and no it’s not love as Disney will have us believe. The underlying message is that all of those damsels got princes who had kingdoms at their command. In subtle terms, Disney is telling us wealth makes happily ever after really happily ever after.

You may argue that Aladdin is a poor market thief who doesn’t in the real sense fall into the prince category. But here’s what Disney did with that character: Disney gave him a magic lamp that really makes dreams come true. In a way, Disney made poor Aladdin bigger than all its other males. Now tell me why Princess Jasmine would mind? But hey, let’s pretend it’s love.

Cut back to present day and me in particular, (can we have some movie sound effect?), I don’t mind dating someone who’s richer. I mean who doesn’t want enough money to send their kids to Ivy league schools or enough to buy a Tesla or even choice properties around the globe, but bros has to have more to offer than money. By more, I mean dope dick (pardon my kalabari), intellectual discourse (keyword: discourse, not arguments. Thank you) and of course, goals (or dreams). There’s no point being loaded yet empty biko. Unlike many who’ll say take the guy’s money and be a cheerful giver, I nor sabi put two metals for fire.


At some point earlier in my life, I would have said no as per say Macho and Responsible Man. At this point, I’m looking for one of those Northern girls whose parents have stolen more money than their tenth generation will know what to do with. I am now an emancipated man, hallelujah, and of course, down with gender roles!


Of course, I would. Who no like better thing?

Seriously, though, being as competitive as I am, it won’t be long before I catch up or at least, get very close. (Please we’re not counting family/generational money).

Dating someone far richer would only be a problem if you have self-esteem issues. And my self-esteem is very healthy, thank you. We’ll enjoy the perks of the money, but the money would definitely not be the reason we’re dating. Except we’re talking about a sugar daddy.

Of course, he’s supposed to have more money than you. What’s his usefulness then? To serve (flaccid) dick? Lol. Jokes.

Dating a richer partner is not a problem. At all. But if it’s a normal conventional relationship, I won’t be comfortable sitting and chopping money without contributing something (blame this blasted home training).

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