Pretty much anyone knows what a sexually aroused guy looks like: there’s an odd protrusion around his midriff or thereabouts, which in public can be pretty fucking embarrassing. But pretty much no one but girls themselves know what arousal means to a girl. We’re willing to bet the website that girls do get aroused. So, is it that there is no “outward” manifestation of arousal in girls? Or do you have to be fluent in Klingon and Parseltongue to notice it? (It’s pretty much safe to say anyone fluent in anyone of those “languages” probably has no idea what a girl looks like, never mind what sex is.)












Err. I hear the nipples are a very big tell in some women. I don’t know, though, my nipples experience no such thing. I don’t have any outward signs. Everything’s inward.


As virgin as I am, I still do not know what a sexually aroused female looks like. And I also hate the fact that it’s not visible. Mandem be walking around with prints while the females are walking around with smiles. It’s totally unfair. That’s why I’m still as virgin as I am. Maybe if I also see your own erection, I can try to make a move or something. *sobs*

****speaking Klingon and Parseltongue******


The female equivalent of an erection lol. Girls get aroused too but I think only the woman and her panties can know this.

Ever been at a man’s, all turned on and the only thing stopping you from getting down is preservation of body count, so you say “not today, satan” and leave; then on your way home, he sends you a message about how he really wanted you but you didn’t seem to be on the same wavelength, and you think “lol if only you knew.”

That’s how hard it is to know when a woman is aroused if she doesn’t tell or act like it.



I can’t entirely say there is an outward manifestation of when a girl is horny. Someone said it could be nipple erection, but hey that could just be from the cold. Unlike boys with their protrusion, a girl’s horny-ness can come through in her attitude or actions at the time (she might be jumpy, unnecessarily touchy, maybe flirty too) and in some cases, she will be vocal about it. However, you have to be especially in tune with the girl in question to be able to tell.


Opinions only, I think this is when taps open up down below (irrigating her garden of Eden in preparation for sowing) and them nipples start pointing at you and calling your name. But, women are from Venus (aliens if you know what I mean) and you can’t always be sure with them.

Arousal may just be signified by the way she winks at you when she takes a scoop of that Coldstone ice cream, or that prolonged laughter at a joke that even you the teller knows is not funny. It could be in the way she accidentally brushes against you in the darkened theatre hall during a particularly steamy movie or that throaty whisper she converses in when both of you are isolated in the back seat of the staff bus on your way home from work. It could be just about anything, because like I said, women are from Venus.


No outward manifestation as such. At least not until you’re a scant inch away from her and you can smell it. And no, hard nips are not a dead giveaway. She could just be feeling cold. Selah.


A female erection is a throbbing vagina, we’re just lucky you don’t have to see it. Talk about perks. For me, if I’m sexually attracted to a guy, there’s this kind of flutter I feel in my lower abdomen(I don’t know if other females feel it) as well as the throbbing. I remember a friend of mine who had a big crush on her classmate, they were grouped together for an assignment and they ended up having a conversation, he only touched her on her arm o, this was what she said “see ehn, the moment he touched me, my nipples wanted to jump out of my bra” Lol. So I’ll say, throbbing vagina and perky nipples. The problem is, guys want something they can see just like their own erection, but this you have to let go.


No idea. Pointy nipples?

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