Recently, a girl at a US high school organised a no-bra day in protest at being told by the school’s Vice Principal that she was making males “uncomfortable” by not wearing a bra.

1. Do these things make guys uncomfortable?

2. Is the girl on to something?












Boobs are very distracting. As a girl and a lover of boobs, I have to say that. Now imagine what braless boobs will do. But I don’t think they make boys uncomfortable.

Anyway, it wasn’t her vice principal’s place to tell her that her boobies were making the guys uncomfortable. She’s the one who gets to choose whether or not she’s comfortable in a bra and if whatever outfit she’s wearing needs a bra. Unless of course, if her bralessness was in violation of some sort of dressing rule the school has.

About #NoBraDay, if you want to go without brassieres for a whole day to celebrate, by all means, do so. It’s your boobs. But I can’t. I won’t be comfortable. I can very well let my girls hang free all day at home but definitely not when I’m out and about.


Wait, wait, wait. Is #NoBraDay not supposed to be about cancer awareness? And no, breasts don’t make us uncomfortable. We love breasts! Well, not the ones competing against the naira. Yea, we love breasts.


Bra or not, some men will always be uncomfortable with boobs. A woman should be able to wear what she wants without a man feeling threatened by it. If he’s so uncomfortable, he can always look away.

A lot of men really need to learn to keep their eyes at face level. It’s disgusting passing by or talking to a man and finding all his attention is on the girls.


I’d willingly live in a world where every day is #NoBraDay. In fact, I think bras are superfluous inhibitors to the natural freedom and movements of breasts which were designed by Satan and foisted on women by his agents. God made all breasts to jiggle and juggle (A cups included) and any movement/philosophy that supports reinstating that freedom (whether for an hour or forever) has my full support.

May the day never come when the sight of boobs doing what God created them to do will make me uncomfortable. Amen.


If anybody’s underwear or lack of is making you uncomfortable, then you should just look elsewhere. I assure you, you won’t die.


#NoBraDay is what it is, freeing your boobs from shackles without a care in the world. Seriously, though, it’s basically to create breast cancer awareness, that’s why they say guys can wear something purple on that day to show support and ladies who can’t go without a bra can wear a purple one too. But a lot of women have found this day useful as well to defy the sexual norms attached to women’s bodies. Left to me, both intentions for a no bra day is rational. Breast cancer or cancer at all isn’t a joke so not wearing a bra for just 1 day out of 365 to create awareness is little compared to the cause.

Also for the feminist standards, if I don’t wear a bra and you as a man feel uncomfortable about it, that’s on you and you probably need to re-check yourself and your double standards.


Honestly, I see nothing. I think women should be free to dress as they please. We are too used to blaming victims as a people, forgetting that the culprit should be the one to exhibit self-control. It’s not a man’s world anymore. If a lady cannot jump you with your visible bulge and naked chest and abs, leave her pointy nipples. (God, felt so weird writing that in a serious tone.)


I had to jump in on this beat.

I think she’s on to something. It’s called the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility. Of course us guys are glad for any titillation we can get (it’s not really a protest to us; y’all just be indulging our fantasies, to an extent). This is where the graph shoots up.

Then we become so inundated by jiggly breasts and puckered nipples that the satisfaction we derived from their previous rarity reduces. This is where the graph tapers off.

A few more units of bra-less breasts and they basically become as natural as the sun getting an erection in the morning. This is where the graph begins to trend downward. It’s like a graph charting interest in Pokemon Go from release to now.

In other words, the more familiar a thing becomes, the more we take it for granted. So, perhaps she might be up to something.

I will now remove my tongue from my cheek.

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