Ok, so that’s the first thing: lesbians have a label to themselves; guys are gays (which is not limited to guys). Or homosexuals (which is generic as well). Fun fact: Sappho, an ancient Greek poet, hailed from the Greek island of Lesbos, which is an obvious origin of the word lesbian, as she herself was lesbian in the same way Jesus can be said to be Christian.

Anyways, many straight folk, even when they are militantly anti-sameness, seem to “excuse” lesbianism and frown strongly upon gayness. Which is curious. What is happening?















I really cannot even explain. But man on man looks like stress…


Straight guys love girls and when there happen to be two women performing a sexual act (because the sexual part of lesbianism is what they’re really interested in), it makes it all better.

If it so happens that it can advance to a threesome, whether in reality or fantasy, they’re ecstatic.


Because the world is dominated by stupid men who think every living thing on earth and beyond is in existence to fulfil their sexual fantasies.


People are more comfortable with lesbians than gays because of the rules society has laid down. Boys are supposed to be strong, unshakable, dominant; they shouldn’t show emotions or weakness. Women, on the other hand, are allowed to feel and show, even towards each other, which is why women having lesbian tendencies is even starting to come across to a lot of people as normal. Men, however, are not expected to break those boundaries of ‘macho’ between them.

Asides the emotional part, people would rather think of two women getting down than two men. They think the thought of a man behind another is disgusting. They are anti-homosexuality but they love threesomes with two girls and one man; and lesbian porn. But really, what are you doing thinking of how 2 grown men get down with each other? Ehn? Is it your down? Or your in? You deserve to have that nasty image stuck in your head. Next time, face your front, mind your business and watch your skin glow.


Remember what I said about society and its people allowing ‘inequality’ to flourish when it suits the popular narrative? Case closed.


Err… I don’t have the answers.


I plead the fifth.


Well, having more software interacting appears more alluring than…you know. Men fantasise about this: breasts rubbing in kind, soft caresses and all that whatever compared to just…cock (ugh!). Seems to be ‘cute’.

I, however, find it silly that men who oppose homosexuality appear to be permissive of lesbians. It’s largely confounding, but silly nonetheless. Ya just as pervy as the next person then. You’re just selective about it. Smh.


We choose what appeals to us and what doesn’t so if lesbianism is okay to you and gayness isn’t then that’s your cup of tea. But I guess it’s the idea of a male penetrating a fellow male’s anus that’s the turn-off? (If there’s something else I’d really like to know). Because everyone knows that the conventional part of the body that should be penetrated is the vagina but female anuses are being penetrated now.

So if a female is penetrating another female’s anus will it still be appealing or acceptable? All I can say is if the sexuality attached to a female’s body is also attached to a male’s then gayness wouldn’t be such an irritating concept.

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