Let’s unwrap the issues like we would unwrap an onion bulb. Should abortion even be a thing? Are there situations where it should be allowed? If people do it anyways, regardless of the politics of its morality, shouldn’t access to it be made easier to prevent preventable deaths and injuries? Is this one more example of policing a woman’s body?



















YES! YES! ABORTION SHOULD BE LEGAL! If you get pregnant and you know in your heart of hearts you’re not well equipped, emotionally, financially and mentally, to raise that child, please don’t bring that poor thing into this world. The world is hard enough for people with a steady upbringing. Please, please.


I feel abortion is a matter of choice and people will do it regardless of whatever obstacles society puts in their path as long as they have a reason. Making it legal at least ensures that it is done safely and doesn’t lead to additional loss of lives, which is usually what happens when it is done in the shadows.


I don’t think abortion should be legalised. When people have sex, they should also prepare for the results. For rape victims, I think abortion can be justified. But in the case of consensual sex, both partners should either be responsible about it by not letting pregnancy happen in the first place or accept parenthood.


Too complex for me to even answer now. Sheeesh.


Yup. It should definitely be legal because I believe women should have the choice of whether or not they want to keep their child. The illegality of abortion causes more harm than good because it results in the use of pills, seedy hospitals, unlicensed doctors and in extreme cases, metal hangers. It should be legalised so that people that go that route, for whatever reason, can do so in the best possible environment.

I believe abortions should be done when the pregnancy would have adverse effects on one’s health or in cases of rape.


Onion bulb? More like untangling earphone cords – complicated business. There are sound grounds for it but there will always remain that pesky matter of determining whether it’s a life being terminated. Is the foetus a ‘person’? Is it murder or not? These are the questions. I don’t think it should be legal, though.

However, special concessions can be made because not all abortions happen for the same reason. Heck, even animals abort. A miscarriage is an abortion of sorts, so you wonder why people aren’t tried for miscarriages. Ectopic pregnancies are aborted. Using certain contraceptives fall under this category too.

On the matter of policing a woman’s body, it’s not that simple. She isn’t just expelling an egg. A pregnant woman is carrying both a new part of herself and the man. So you can as well say that the body is hers but the ‘baby’ isn’t just hers. Ignoring this would be just as unfair to men as denying women the right to abort without any considerations whatsoever. So that right shouldn’t just be a ‘woman’ thing.


Recent UNICEF report says that there are between 143 million and 210 million orphan children worldwide and these don’t include abandonment as well as sold or trafficked children. Another study says, approximately 250,000 children are adopted annually but each year 14.5 million children grow up as orphans and are out of the system by age sixteen. Studies also show that 10%-15%of these children commit suicide before the age of eighteen. These reports also say that 60% of the girls become prostitutes and 70% of the boys become hardened criminals.

In 2009, the US Centre for Disease Control reported more than 400 women have died from legal abortions since 1973. (Yes, it’s not current but you get the idea). Now imagine how high that number would be if abortion wasn’t made legal in the U.S.

Females end up pregnant as a result of different situations and from each it’s left to the woman and man (if there’s one in the picture) to decide if they’re ready or not. Yes, people will shout don’t have unprotected sex, stay on the pills but there are females who get pregnant from non-consensual sex, they too should have the baby because it’s the moral thing to do?

Forget all these Nollywood movies that tell you that you can automatically have a change of mind once you see the baby. Let’s get realistic and thoughtful – Having a child you can’t cater for or aborting while it’s still a foetus? If it’s legal then the death rate of females who die through botching a pregnancy can be reduced.


Yes, Abortion should be a thing. Yes, Abortion should be allowed in some situations, Yes, it should be made legal. But no, a woman doesn’t get to make the decision alone. Unless the man is no longer in the picture. There needs to be an understanding between both parties. You don’t just yank off a baby after 10 weeks because you’re feeling funny. If the man says yes, we are keeping it & you go ahead to abort it, you should be jailed. But if you both agree that you do not want the pregnancy, then you can abort but not after 12 weeks otherwise the two of you should end up in jail.

Side Note: Please, have record(s) of who you’re aborting for. Should in case you get married and your womb has reached EOL, know who you have to go and hold responsible. Not the first, not the person before and not the second person. It is the very last person you aborted for that is responsible. Stay woke, Stay guided.


I am pro-choice. I support the legalisation of abortion. Sadly, when this topic comes up, a lot of people divert the attention to ‘use of birth control’, let’s focus, people.

Abortion is a thing. It has always and will always be a thing. Regardless of how many measures are available to avoid pregnancy, women keep having unwanted pregnancies. It’s funny that sometimes, people use the ‘no to abortion’ stance as a punishment for engaging in sexual acts.

“When she was having sex, she didn’t know? She should have the baby then.”

Nobody should be forced into having a child they don’t want.

Abortion being considered a crime increases the number of women doing it the unsafe way, this is something to worry about. Unsafe abortion is one of the top 5 leading causes of maternal mortality. Complications from unsafe abortions are also some of the causes of infertility in women. Women still get these abortions despite the law against it. The problem, however, is they go to unqualified people or places that don’t meet the requirements for these procedures. This is because qualified doctors are barred from performing abortions for women in hospitals, except under certain conditions which place emphasis on the health repercussions, rather than choice.

Fact is, women die every day (I wish this was an exaggeration) from the complications of those unsafe abortions. There are so many deaths and injuries we could avoid. SO MANY. Legalisation will also go some length in curbing the influence and acts of quack doctors. I find it funny when people say if abortion is legalised, women will just be killing babies anyhow.

It’s not like the entire population of reproductive females in Nigeria will opt for only abortions if it is legalised. In fact, it has been said that abortion rates were noticed to drop in countries after it was legalised.

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