If you ask a freshly born girl today what to buy a boy at Valentine, there’s a 99.9% chance she’ll say boxers. And singlets. How come this is like the standard-issue gift girls gift guys at Valentine’s? Is it a blatant appeal for sex (you know, underwear)? Or is it that guys have so few girls feel obliged to help top up? Is it that girls are not creative? What is it precisely?














NO!!!!!!! It is not okay. NO!!! NEVER!!!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!!! If some guys put together the number of boxers and singlets we have received in our lives, we suppose don open small shop for Aswani market. Some of us are so used to it that when we receive good gifts from babes, we are left in a state of wawu. Is it fair?

If there is any justice in the world, some ladies will be told to take their boxers and singlets back and keep to themselves. NONSENSE!

I honestly do not know why but I think ladies should be a bit more creative. Find out what he likes. What interests him? That way you can come up with amazing gifts. This is 2017, please. No more boxers and singlets at Valentine’s.


It is okay. Boxers and singlets are valid gifts. What’s the difference with someone that buys their woman lingerie or underwear? It becomes a problem when it becomes a pattern or when she buys just boxers and singlets.

I think the issue with this is many girls have groomed themselves to expect gifts all the time and not give any and so when they do decide to give, they can’t be bothered to stress their brain cells for better options. But I know a lot of women who buy well thought out gifts for their men. I know I do.


Personally, I’m of the opinion that a gift is a gift. Whatever it is that a girl chooses to buy, for me, it’s just fine. After all, if she didn’t buy anything, I’d still be cool. Basically, it’s the thought that counts.

The only reason why I’d get pissed is if she starts getting picky about the stuff I buy her, or she starts demanding for expensive stuff when she only ever goes cheap for me. It’s the thought that counts.


I don’t see the problem. If a guy can buy bras and panties for his girlfriend at Valentine’s, what makes buying his own underwear different? I know underwear is a big deal for girls but who says he can’t feel clean and look good in his too? The only thing I don’t agree with is, buying him only boxers and singlet. Get him other things too, how much is a pair of boxers and a pack of singlet, don’t be a cheapskate. Except you is getting him Calvins or some expensive stuff like that sha. But there are a lot of things to get your man; his underwear wouldn’t be the first thing I’d want to buy except of course I think he needs new ones. Anyway, don’t wait till valentine to get your man something special.


I’ll be the last person to legislate over gifts because I suck at knowing what to get for people. Still, if boxers and undershirts are all the girl can afford, fine. But we all know that’s just not true most times. It doesn’t matter what the guy gives, he’s most likely gonna get the ‘standard issue’ Valentine’s Day gift.

Here’s a suggestion; it’s the perfect ‘safe’ gift. They sha give us something.

I don’t think it’s a blatant appeal for sex either, or that guys have so few underwear – though the infamous tendency of some guys to wear a pair for days might be a pointer. In the end, I feel it’s more about social conditioning: guys are expected to be ‘givers’ while girls are meant to be ‘receivers’ so when it comes to gifts, there’s no balance.

So how come guys mostly get better birthday gifts from these same girlfriends? I just don’t get that part.


It is not OK to buy a boy boxers/singlets at Valentine’s. There are a million and one things to buy. Perfumes, shirts, shoes, cufflinks, watches… a whole lot. I heard females are already changing sha. Good. Stop being cheapskates.

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